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Earth Day 2020 Resolutions

Today, Earth Day celebrates it's 50 year anniversary. Congratulations to the folks at the Earth Day Network for this incredible milestone. After dedicating a decade of my life to an open-source movement (Earth Hour), I can understand the triumph and the tribulations of building a global movement. Any movement that asks for, and builds individual participation year-on-year deserves praise for its sheer tenacity.

What follows are my resolutions for Earth Day 2020. I have always been an avid traveller. Seeing the natural splendour of the world and learning from communities and people around the world have been THE SINGLE BIGGEST differentiator in my career. For that reason, I've gravitated more towards travel (Yes and #lockdown2020 means I yearn for it even more)

1) Offset carbon miles for all personal and business trips.

2) Take public transport and low carbon emissions vehicles.

3) Read and follow Climate policies of various governments.

4) Always explore eco-travel options first.

5) Absolutely zero littering and recycle as much as possible.

See you on the road somewhere in the world! Happy #EarthDay

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