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9 Apps I have been using in April 2020

#lockdowneffect: I've found that my phone home screen is a good indicator of the things I am spending most of my time and attention on each day.

  • Upright Go - It's a great device and app for improving your overall posture. (120 mins a day)

  • Fitbit - Personally, nothing comes close to holistic fitness, sleep and nutrition tracker than Fitbit does.

  • Headspace - It is the best-guided meditation app out there and has meditation practices for all levels.(15 mins a day)

  • DoFasting - I've been on an intermittent fasting schedule where I eat between noon-8PM. This helps me track the time left for my next meal.

  • Finimize - The best app to build financial intelligence, especially around these volatile times. (15 mins a day)

  • Yahoo! finance - The stock tracker is the best, both visually and functionally

  • Lightroom - Simply, the most advanced photo editor. I can transfer images from my camera to the phone seamlessly.

  • Duolingo - The best app to learn a new language. We are currently learning Portuguese. (15 mins a day)

  • IMDB - I never watch a movie/show without looking at its IMDB rating

And the background, well, that's the person who puts up with my shenanigans and she can't even run away too far these days. Someone give her an award for that, already!

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